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Choosing a Wedding Reading – Heart Invites

If you are finding yourself struggling to pick a wedding reading that best reflects you as a couple and your relationship then this post is for you!

With the long to-do-list to get through when planning a wedding it is very easy for couples to rush their wedding reading selection and choose an impersonal wedding reading – like the ubiquitous “Love is patient, love is kind…”. I myself went for the easy option and picked one of the more obvious wedding readings and whilst there is nothing wrong with these wedding readings (they are popular for a reason!) they don’t always give a true reflection of you both as a couple and I always wished I had put that little more time and thought into my choices.

Wedding Reading

These popular wedding readings are popular because they are beautiful and simply sum up the meaning of love to which we can all relate. But with them being read at so many weddings they almost become a default and no longer reflect the love of the couple that stand in front of us. No doubt your guests will have heard these readings at other weddings and might find themselves switching off, which is not what you want at your wedding.

By taking the time and the effort to search for a wedding reading with more personal meaning to you both, it gives you and your hubby-to-be the chance to talk about your relationship and how you want to share the love within it with your guests during the ceremony. Many husbands-to-be also have a stand-back approach as far as wedding planning goes, so it might be a nice opportunity to get him involved for something meaningful.

If you’re getting married in a church, or any other religious house, you might be limited to passages of scripture so be sure to seek advice from the necessary people for some suggestions, again avoiding the most obvious choices if possible!

Below I have listed my top 10 tips and things to consider when choosing your wedding reading – hopefully you will find this list helpful in finding the perfect wedding reading for your special day!

Things to consider when choosing your wedding reading

1. Start by Considering Religious or Secular Wedding Readings

2. Decide how personal you want your wedding reading to be. Choose a level of public intimacy that you are comfortable with. Those that like to remain a little more private may wish to have wedding readings that only talk about more general themes of marriage and love.

3. Who is going to read the wedding reading?

4. Choose the right reader for the right wedding reading. Or you might even like to let your reader choose the reading. Those that you choose to read at your wedding should now you very well so should be able to pick a reading that suits you as a couple – but don’t forget to give them guidelines on the type of reading you would like, the length of the reading etc.

5. Be inspired by song lyrics, literature or poems. When you listen to music, read books or watch films you might find a passage that really speaks to you so consider incorporating it into your ceremony.

6. Draw on your personalities. If either or both of you are known for being comical then don’t be afraid to have this reflected in your readings and make your guests laugh. That’s an honest reflection of your personalities..

7. There is love all around you, just take a look and you will be surprised by what might ignite your wedding reading inspiration!

8. Consider time, readings collectively should last no longer than 5 minutes, be that 1 reading or split between 2 or 3. Don’t let them overshadow the rites of marriage!

9. Leave any “Inside Jokes” Outside. You want choices that whilst they mean something to you they will also resonate with your guests.

10. Make the search romantic. Work together as a couple to find ‘your wedding reading’ that is true to you.

Wedding Reading

I hope you find this a helpful read and that it has inspired you to bring more of you into your wedding readings. If you are traditionalist and like to keep things simple however you may find this article interesting over at Wedding Ideas Magazine featuring some of the most popular wedding readings that have stood the test of time. Just remember don’t regret your choice and simply choose a popular reading because it’s the easy option!

If you are looking for wedding reading cards for your big day, or any other wedding stationery (save the dates, wedding invitations etc), please do get in touch at [email protected] I offer a design only or printed service in a range of designs as well as the opportunity to have something bespoke designed for you to be in keeping with the decor at your wedding ceremony.


Lauren xx