My Story

Thank you so much for stopping by to my happy place.. If you wish to know a little about how I came to get here please read on!

My web home (aka!) was created for my passion of wedding design 8 years ago now, which actually seems quite unbelievable. It all started in a little annex where I lived with my husband (‘to-be’ at the time) when we had been planning for our own wedding…standard stuff right! The designing of our own invites sparked off my creativity and love of designing for such a special day. At the time I was working full time as a Graphic Designer for a company called Feature Design. This design agency had given me a shot at a job when I was at a loss.. I had left school having done my A-levels, gone to University of the Creative Arts to complete a foundation degree then after a tragic loss of a dear friend I lost my way and didn’t take the plunge into uni life. I then found myself in an admin roll for 3-4 years wishing I was doing something more creative before I decided enough was enough. My partner and I went off for a short stint travelling as most do with the hopes of a fresh start on my return. On my return I worked hard to self teach Photoshop/Illustrator skills and harness the artistic talent I had built during my time in education.. painting and drawing were also a huge part of my day to day life as a hobby around the hours of dance lessons I once did growing up!

I worked for hours on end in the evenings following tutorials to build upon my skills for my Graphic Design job and loved watching my skills develop. When I got married and designed my own invites this is when Heart Invites was born. I created a very basic website, with a selection of different designs… some good,  some bad, when I look back at them now, but design tastes and styles have changed dramatically over the years so what was once considered desirable then is not so much now. This was just a little side hobby/job to my full time day job as a designer, but as the orders came in from all over the world, some as far as Canada and Australia it just spurred me on to build on it more and to see where it might take me. I knew one day I would want to have children and working for myself was the ultimate goal with that desirable working flexibility.

And so I did, in 2014 I had my first baby, Harrison (now 5!) and I took the plunge to leave my day job and take Heart Invites full time (or part time around child care). It wasn’t a decision I made lightly, having had the best few years with the agency, and who gave me the footstep into the industry that I needed to grow my skills, but I took a chance and rolled with it.

I am now a multi award winning wedding stationery designer with over 11 years design experience.  Since starting the business I am very proud to have achieved 2 national awards for my wedding stationery designs winning the Perfect Wedding Highly Commended Award for Best Wedding Newcomer in 2012, Best Invitation Designer in Kent in the Wedding Industry Expert Awards in 2013, a Kent Wedding Award Finalist in 2015 and I have been shortlisted and a finalist in awards ever since in Wedding Ideas Awards. I couldn’t be happier to have taken that leap of faith. Don’t get me wrong, it comes with it’s stresses and worries, the income isn’t consistent with wedding season being in Spring and Summer, but I have branched out into prints and social stationery  as well as working on client branding to help fill the void in the autumn and winter months.

I live in a cute seaside town called Deal in Kent, where my home studio is based. I live with husband Luke, and our two gorgeous boys, Harrison, and Freddie (yes, I recently had another!) and our furry friend Molly (our crazy cat).

I have been very fortunate to have worked with hundreds of brides and grooms (now in excess of 800!) from near and a far on their wedding stationery! I love having the opportunity to add something unique and special to a couple’s big day, working closely with them to ensure their wedding stationery is every bit as beautiful as their wedding day will be. If you feel you would like to stop by for a visit please do get in touch to arrange an appointment. Alternatively, most of my orders are arranged via email or phone so if this is easier for you, then great!

To read more about me, Heart Invites and the wonderful weddings I am privileged to work for please check out my blog

I hope to work with you soon.

Lauren x


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