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Why go professional with your wedding stationery?

Lets face it, a wedding budget has to stretch a million different ways but when deciding what items are really worth spending those hard earned pennies on many take a look at the things they think they can do themselves and put them lower down the priority list when it comes to spending the budget.

I am sure high on many brides list is the all-important wedding dress, an item of which many would not even begin to consider making themselves. They see it as a luxury item that will be the talking point of the wedding and make them look incredible on their big day, and rightly so, you only get married once right!?

Many bride and grooms, however do not look at wedding stationery in the same way. It’s just a bit of paper and text purely there to serve a purpose of being informative after all…or is it?

Here I take a little look at the benefits of going professional with your wedding stationery.

1. Expert Advice

Just as a wedding dress designer would know everything about silks, satins, stitching, hemming, pleating and tucking to create that stunning dress, a professional stationer has great knowledge of paper stocks, typography, wording, composition, design trends, and specialised software. Whilst you may know a little about these things, it is understanding how they all work together to create something truly beautiful that is most important.

Heart Invites. Deal 021214 Picture: Alan Langley

2. Time Saver

A lot of people underestimate the time and effort that goes into designing someone’s wedding stationery. It is an art and a love and to design, produce and distribute stationery takes time, which many brides to be don’t actually have much of. Working with a professional means that the hard work is done for you. So, put your feet up and have a cup of tea whilst you await your professional paper pretties to arrive in the post!
Heart Invites. Deal 021214 Picture: Alan Langley

3. Less Pressure

The pressure to get your wedding stationery just right can cause couples a lot of unnecessary stress in the lead up to the wedding. If you can afford to, hand that pressure to someone else. Use an experts knowledge of design and stationery content to ensure that nothing is missed and that the final products do your wedding justice.
Heart Invites. Deal 021214 Picture: Alan Langley

4. Saving Money

Now this one my sound a little odd, but time and time again I have clients come to me for their wedding stationery having tried their hand at DIY stationery or having gone to someone claiming to be ‘professional’ and after having spent money going down these avenues have been left with no option but to seek out and pay for a professional designers help. The saying ‘Do it right or do it twice’ springs to mind!
Heart Invites. Deal 021214 Picture: Alan Langley

5. Beautiful Wedding Stationery

Looking back at point 1, a professional designer has the knowledge and skills to create and supply you with beautiful wedding stationery. Gorgeous wedding stationery adds to the overall beauty of your wedding day, the invites give your guests that first glimpse at what they can expect from your special day, the on-the-day stationery will brighten up every area of the room and will reflect the love, care and attention that has gone into the day.
Heart Invites. Deal 021214 Picture: Alan Langley

Whilst professional stationery may not be in everyone’s reach it is certainly something to be considered, particularly if you aren’t confident in your own DIY abilities! Having said that there are other semi-DIY options available that may sit within your budget better, such as Heart Invites Print from Home service. By going down this route you are not compromising on quality design, whilst paper and print quality will depend on your own choice of paper stock and printer, you can feel confident in knowing that the design will be at it’s best. There are big savings to be made by choosing this option and I am always happy to give my clients advice on paper stocks and printing. For more information on my professional stationery service and/or my print from home service please email me at [email protected]

Look out for my next blog post where I will be sharing all of my hints and tips for printing your own wedding stationery!

Lauren xxx