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1. What was the overall look and feel you wanted to achieve for your wedding?

We wanted to get married abroad and chose Marrakech had it had such a vibrant and positive energy to it. We had around 130 guests fly from around the world, almost all had never been to Marrakech before. The venue we chose was a French style villa surrounded by lush gardens and tropical palm trees. We had pre-wedding celebrations in the bustling and lively city, so wanted a more serene atmosphere to the wedding day providing a contrast. There was an element of formality for the ceremony, although even this was very light hearted and we laughed throughout, but after the ceremony we wanted a very relaxed and fun feel to the wedding day and night. We wanted the overall look to be clean and crisp and incorporated fuscia pink and orange to add bursts of colour.

2. Why did you opt for professional stationery over DIY?

I did originally want to create my own stationery as I didn’t like anything I saw on the market. I found most designs bland, lacking creativity and the same style. However I knew I couldn’t create the same quality, detail and visual effect as a professional company. So it was perfect timing that I stumbled on Heart Invites.

3. What made you choose Heart Invites and were you pleased with the service and final products received?

I immediately knew when I looked at the Heart Invites website that I would be using them for my wedding stationery. I loved the originality of the ideas. The concepts that I saw were new and very exciting. I wanted something a bit fun and different to reflect both our personalities and Lauren came up with great ideas. I felt that I had individual attention and care from Lauren the minute I enquired until the wedding day. Lauren was efficient, friendly, faultless and always professional. I was thrilled with the quality and the look of all of the products. Most of our guests commented on these details as well, and many took the menus and order of service back home as a keepsake. I honestly wouldn’t go anywhere else for wedding stationery. I was just disappointed that I had not discovered Heart Invites earlier so I could have used them for my save the dates and wedding invites!

4. If you could give one piece of advice to any brides-to-be planning their wedding what

would it be?
Keep calm! I was quite conscious that no matter how much I had to do or if things went wrong, I didn’t want to turn into a bridezilla and wanted to remain relatively calm. At the end of the day having my family and friends together to witness our special day and share these moments is the most important thing. I planned quite early in advance to try and avoid wedding related stress and if something did go wrong it left me with some time to think of a back-up plan. Enjoy the planning and have fun – hopefully you only do this once!