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Aurelie and Greg


1. What was the overall look and feel you wanted to achieve for your wedding?

A few years ago, we went to an amazing pop-up restaurant in London serving gastronomic food on a large banquet table. The atmosphere and the food were unique and we thought it would be a great idea for our wedding. Then, we based the overall color scheme of the wedding on an invitation that we had received for a fashion show. We really loved the combination of dusky pink and gold and it fitted very well both with the venue (a lovely 17th Century French castle) and with our personalities. We wanted to achieve something romantic, delicate, refined, a bit vintage and not too formal.

2. Why did you opt for professional stationery over DIY?

We wanted something very original and personal. The invitation is the first impression that people are going to get from an event and we wanted to send the right message. After a lot of disappointing hours spent online, we finally found Heart Invites and it was exactly what we wanted! Not only did the invitations worked well with our theme but it even helped us developping it! We ended up with small dusty pink birdcages filled in with roses on the tables, exactly as the design showed it on the invites.

3. What made you choose Heart Invites and were you pleased with the service and final products received?

Heart Invites was really different and offered a complete service. We were really really pleased with the final results, everything was perfect and tasteful. Lauren is also very friendly and efficient. It was a real pleasure working with her!

4. If you could give one piece of advice to any couples planning their wedding what would it be?

Planning is the key! We worked really hard to plan every little detail beforehand and thus we were really relaxed on the day and enjoy it to the max. If you plan carefully, you will also have more flexibility to deal with any problems that come your way (and believe us, there is always something you didn’t expect!)
All photography taken by Bruno Cohen. To see more of his work please visit www.studiobrunocohen.com